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  1. What’s a relay?
  2. Will using a VPN trigger the anti-cheat system?
  3. Any chance the spawns could be weighted to not appear in water very often? I live next to a lake and it kind of sucks when half of the quests are just unreachable.
  4. Well, time for my army of robots to take over the world.
  5. I keep getting an error message on iOS whenever I try to enter the purchase screen.
  6. Oh wow, I didn’t even notice but that’s gonna make big wars way easier.
  7. For the most part I agree. Getting locked out of your home play area is a feature, not a bug, since it forces you to travel further if you want to keep expanding. Utility structures are a great compromise imo, since it gives you an incentive to keep claiming even past level 100, but still takes a long time to achieve much and eventually gets capped. However, I think there is something to be said for the balance being a bit off. The tp system encourages you to place down a ton of level 1 flags everywhere, but then if you ever expand into those areas the system of adding (it might be averaging, I don’t completely remember, but the point still stands) the levels of the lands merging can rack up ridiculous costs. I get nervous claiming land anywhere that I might possibly build up one day, since I know that it’ll be a massive headache and a massive expense to merge. Level 20 merged with 1, then level 25 merged with 1, then level 28 merged with 1, then level 30 and so on can really add up even though you’re really not doing much at all. Maybe merging lands below level 100 could be free, or the ability to delete your own lands could be added so that people don’t feel so boxed in by their own development.
  8. There’s no button to upgrade buildings in lands that are lvl100+.
  9. It’s been working fine for me, and actually seems to be smoother than the old version. iOS here.
  10. Luna

    Added Icon

    It’s travel points.
  11. Yup, I can tell them apart now. Thanks!
  12. As far as I can tell it’s just the green and browns, although I don’t have any enemy lands nearby to compare. As for good replacements, reddish-purple would probably work.
  13. Hello! I just downloaded the new update, and so far it’s been working fairly well for me. The loading times seem to be a bit faster, although I think the new design is a bit cluttered. One problem I’ve had though is that since I’m red/green colorblind, the friendly flag color and FoT flag color look exactly the same. I couldn’t find a colorblind mode in the settings, so I’m kind of stuck either messing with map settings or guessing which lands are FoT. Also, is there a way of breaking alliances in this update? I can’t figure out how.
  14. Yeah, I’ve had this happen to me too.
  15. Oh okay, thanks. I tried “The New Lunar Republic”, and that seems to work.
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