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  1. Hold on, looks like they’re working again.
  2. No, they’re still not working. Is there an update I need?
  3. I’m on iOS, and the notifications have stopped working. I checked my settings, both on DE and my phone, and they should be sending. They had been working before without any settings changes.
  4. The resource it takes and the % changes every day.
  5. It’s 5% of your maximum capacity, not how much you currently have.
  6. I’ve noticed an issue where upgrading a utility structure doesn’t increase your base level anymore. Was that intentional?
  7. Luna


    Yes, it reduces the number of your units that are killed, from both ai and other players.
  8. Luna


    Tactician is useful for when you’re defending, not attacking. It’s the equivalent of adding a sandbag everywhere.
  9. The bug got fixed already in an update
  10. That’d also ruin the land mass stats for players near large bodies of water. And what if you claim in the middle of a lake?
  11. Looks like iOS 14 is what broke scrolling. It was working just fine for me, but I just updated and now it’s broken
  12. Looks like it’s working again. Thanks! 😃
  13. Honestly I could just wait until the patch lol. I don’t have plans to go outside of my lands for a while.
  14. Wait, it’s back to broken. I guess I’ll wait for the patch.
  15. Looks like reinstalling worked 🙂
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