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  1. Since the new update I haven’t been able to grow lands that are already established. Both when I tap the flag button and use the flag menu it goes through the “please wait” pop-up, but after that nothing happens. I’m on iOS.
  2. (Not that I’m complaining. There’ve been several times when I mean to level one structure but it levels another close by.)
  3. This should solve that “problem” people were talking about regarding hardcore couching. With good spacing you could level several utilities at once.
  4. Luna

    Large land mergers

    In my opinion, grinding structures up to level 1000 and then deleting them seems a bit antithetical to the focus on travel. I hit level 1000 on the turret by my house, so I started spending more time by the lake to grind a spot there instead, which seems much more in line with the playstyle that D’s tried to encourage with the travel point system.
  5. Well, I probably won’t use tracking satellites anymore. It doesn’t seem like one random resource is worth the tp cost. Why was it changed? The personnel cost seemed fine.
  6. Luna

    Large land mergers

    Thank you! I’ll start grinding up again.
  7. Luna

    Large land mergers

    Well, my suggestion would be to just reassign ownership of any utility buildings from the child land to the parent, and if any overlap the child levels are added to the parent. (And if that’s over 1000, then anything over is lost.) Regular buildings could get materials refunded, but honestly I don’t care all that much about that. It’s the time investment from utility structures I want to keep.
  8. Luna

    Large land mergers

    Well that’s annoying. In that case, is there any chance that’ll change anytime soon? Directed to Mr. D.
  9. Luna

    Large land mergers

    Do structures carry over when you merge two large lands? I want to start grinding to combine two big lands I have, but I really don’t want to do that if it’ll destroy all the utility structures I’ve built on one of them.
  10. Doesn’t this make it really hard to get personnel without collecting in person? Getting a single resource will only cover the cost for the satellite.
  11. What’s a relay?
  12. Will using a VPN trigger the anti-cheat system?
  13. Any chance the spawns could be weighted to not appear in water very often? I live next to a lake and it kind of sucks when half of the quests are just unreachable.
  14. Well, time for my army of robots to take over the world.
  15. I keep getting an error message on iOS whenever I try to enter the purchase screen.
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