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  1. Thanks for the reminder, yet I think I never log out the game manually. Does the game automatically log me out when the app is closed and log me in when open again? And then that's how it deleted those data?
  2. I was in the mountains and did offline captures, like dozens of locations captured, i can see there are like 81 captured as prompted. But when I am back on line now, and check the menu, it says nothing here yet 😵 what happened and what should i do please?
  3. Thank you so much! I really love this game! Great work!
  4. I tried to be careful and wait for any popup prompt, but it happened again, and lost about 6xx TP. Could you please help to restore the TP? Actually in the past 4 weeks, I drove more than 8000 km, visiting places, for many reasons, for memories... Thank you!
  5. I think this is a good work around. I will try this. Thank you.
  6. I tried to use Map filter to stop the auto-collect, however it just keeps coming back, and resulting in draining all stamina point rapidly especially when my resource is full. Any idea to avoid this? Thank you.
  7. Perfect! It worked. Thank you and glad I can help to find a bug ;-D But now it's very difficult to grow this land any further 😂 Happy Holiday!
  8. My largest land is now at 5112, but when I tried to merge +3000, it just shows nothing after I choose merge. Can't I get to 8112?
  9. Thank you so much, I have noticed the TP restored. Wish you had a great weekend!
  10. Same thing happened today again, oh no... When the first time I hit the flag/capture, there was no reaction, then I hit again... initially it showed one tab results, but later when I checked, I lost my travel point 700+ Could you please help me to restore the TP? As it's more and more difficult to gather TP now. Much appreciated!
  11. Thank you so much! Fantastic! As the captured area getting large, it's not easy to accumulate the travel points. With a land of 4000 lv which covers the daily life circle for example, it means in order to get travel points, i need to drive to a place 20km away, then to the opposite direction at 40km away, and 20km back home to collect 40 points. Otherwise i just create facilities full of the screen/circle without travel points gained. So these restored TP are very precious to me. Much appreciate!
  12. I accidentally double tapped the flag and lost 7% travel points (400+) without being asked for confirmation. Could it be recovered please? Thank you.
  13. I got the same issue after i upgrade to 2.8.0 from Google Play.
  14. Just a quick one Can the map filters setting stored so that every time I don't need to switch off the utility structures full of my screen... Thanks!
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