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  1. I am regularly unable to deposit items into the warehouse because it says, "Must be on base to proceed." However, I am on base, and when I'm on the map view, I see the tools only available to me when I am on base. It would also be nice to be able to delete items that I'm carrying - not just those in the warehouse. That way I could pick something else up that is a higher value if I come across it.
  2. Also, trying to tap "Forums" in the Android app doesn't do anything. I had to go here in a web browser.
  3. I woke up to being attacked at two bases by the same opponent. That's part of the game. However, even after adding the player to the tracked players list, I couldn't see them to counter any of their attacks. That's not much fun. I ended up surrendering because I couldn't do anything else but continue to add new people to the bases and repair what was left of my infrastructure.
  4. Here's an interesting one. I captured a land that was right next to a larger one of mine. It was immediately attacked by the Force of Terror. I then immediately merged it with the larger land, which apparently wiped away the attack. Should it have? If it had been a human player, would it be the same result? Granted, this is definitely an edge case.
  5. When you are attacking and defending at the same time, while the interface allows you to select either one (see screen shot), clicking on either takes you to the same report. In my case, I could only see my defense status. I don't know if it is always the same one, or if it matters that it was the same player for both (FoT).
  6. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but it looks like string interpolation isnt working on the levels lost message. I've attached a screenshot.
  7. No, these have been bases reappearing in roughly the same area. They are in an area where I have other base areas overlapping it, but I have only been active in the area of one base for the last few weeks. The FoT bases aren't just for me, though - are they? Could they be for other players? I don't have any other players active in my area that I know about, though. Ah, that explains it. I hadn't noticed that before. I had noticed the cooldown on construction had sped up significantly. That's not what I meant. I was able to initiate an attack against FoT while I was still being
  8. Well, maybe not that fast (immediate), but I can attack again well under an hour. I also noticed that I could attack FoT right after it attacked me. That hasn't been possible before, either.
  9. I don't know if this is intentional, but I haven't seen a post about it. I've noticed: 1. The seven day waiting period on the return of an FoT base after it has been destroyed has gone away. 2. The 60 minute wait after attacking an FoT land seems to have gone away too. I just attacked one only about two minutes after the previous battle ended.
  10. For about the last month or so, I've noticed that Force of Terror lands aren't going away when I destroy them (the icon, anyway). When I attack one of those I get, "Something went wrong... Please try again later." Usually the icon goes away then, but sometimes if I go back to the screen, it shows back up. It's not a big deal when there's only a couple, but when there are a lot and I'm not sure which ones I've attacked, it gets a bit annoying.
  11. Uninstalling and reinstalling worked. Thanks!
  12. When I increase something I already have by clicking on its flag button, it works. But, clicking on the Land button shows "Please wait..." but nothing happens. Same result when trying to increase something I already own, or capture a new land. Not sure when it started, but I was out today trying to capture new lands and it wasn't working.
  13. I just had something strange happen. I used nine drones to increase a remote base to level 15. That worked fine. I then increased the troops to the maximum again (1500). In the meanwhile, I was attacking a terror territory, and they were attacking one of the newly captured lands. After all that was resolved, my base was showing it was back to level 14, with only one new land added to the total. My troop count dropped to 1400, too. As far as I can tell, the nine territories are still there, so I should still be at 15. There's nothing in messages indicating what happened.
  14. I've noticed that when you have camera follow turned on and hit the Pick Up button, that then turns it off and you have to turn it back on.
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