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  1. For about the last month or so, I've noticed that Force of Terror lands aren't going away when I destroy them (the icon, anyway). When I attack one of those I get, "Something went wrong... Please try again later." Usually the icon goes away then, but sometimes if I go back to the screen, it shows back up. It's not a big deal when there's only a couple, but when there are a lot and I'm not sure which ones I've attacked, it gets a bit annoying.
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling worked. Thanks!
  3. When I increase something I already have by clicking on its flag button, it works. But, clicking on the Land button shows "Please wait..." but nothing happens. Same result when trying to increase something I already own, or capture a new land. Not sure when it started, but I was out today trying to capture new lands and it wasn't working.
  4. I just had something strange happen. I used nine drones to increase a remote base to level 15. That worked fine. I then increased the troops to the maximum again (1500). In the meanwhile, I was attacking a terror territory, and they were attacking one of the newly captured lands. After all that was resolved, my base was showing it was back to level 14, with only one new land added to the total. My troop count dropped to 1400, too. As far as I can tell, the nine territories are still there, so I should still be at 15. There's nothing in messages indicating what happened.
  5. I've noticed that when you have camera follow turned on and hit the Pick Up button, that then turns it off and you have to turn it back on.
  6. I get that, but I guess I haven't been paying close enough attention to what it is actually taking - probably because I normally have only used it when it was 1-2%. Taking a percentage from of what I have makes more sense than taking a percentage of maximum capacity. I didn't know there was a cap on perk and travel points, I guess, as I've never run into it.
  7. I think this first happened to me Saturday, because I should have over 1000 travel points, and I have about half that now. When claiming land or upgrading a structure for the second time in 15 minutes, it's not honoring the percent listed. For example, I am showing it should take 5% of perks points. Instead, it took 330 points (out of about 520). I didn't read it closely enough to catch it before hitting okay. I tried again about an hour later, and it tried to take 330 again. Since I had less than 200 left, it failed.
  8. The new one...I didn't describe it well. That was clicking on the Tracking Satellite\Collect Resources button. For a few days, I could do the first couple of bases, then wait a few hours, do one or two more, etc. until I finally made it through all my bases. I'm currently getting that for all but my first base. That said, I'm also full on money, so perhaps it's trying to give me that and running into errors. But, when I first started getting it, I wasn't full in any resource.
  9. That could have been it, as I was close to full. However, right now I'm getting an oops something is wrong error instead, and I made sure I had plenty of warehouse space.
  10. I have been seeing that a lot lately when I try to use an assembly plant to produce items - even though the map shows I am on a base (I'm at home, so I am definitely on a base). Normally if I close the app and restart it, it starts working again, but today it is not.
  11. Unobtanium appears to be unobtainable right now. I'm getting the attached error when trying to do an in app purchase.
  12. While I understand your reasoning for this change, what is the advantage now of merging to create large territories (>100)? If there's not much advantage to that, what value do travel points provide now?
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