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Maps not loading


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This started happening last week or the week before while I was on vacation outside of my home country. Zooming in or out I could sometimes get them to load. Now, however, no matter what I do (including force closing the app and clearing the cache), they aren't loading. Is there a way to fix this? I'd prefer not to uninstall/reinstall, as I have around 150 offline captures to process.

This screen shot is from my home base.


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Ugh, sorry for that!
It looks like the "Day" and "Night" map service providers stopped working.

I've temporarily replaced them all with the "Black" map, so you should at least see your surroundings in some way.

Unfortunately, I am caught in an awkward situation work-wise (there's too much of it 🙂) and will not have the ability to deploy any fixes for a while.
However, as soon as things settle down I will address the broken "Day" and "Night" modes. 🤞

My apologies for inconvenience!

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