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  1. War seems really unlikely.. my turrets kill about 50 to 1 loss and I have 3 characters in that base myself. But I did see it rather late (also because the ai hardly do any damage even without an army).
  2. Thanks D, but this is what I figured and why it was an error... You can actually see the number of turrets I have in my main land. The losses of ai against me are about 25-50 for 1 of my armies. Indeed a character would help, but I do not see how that would be possible (since I also have 2 in that land) especially since my army size was over 8000... Also the 8000 is too high to be transferred elsewhere since all my bases have a full army force and no other base level is high enough for this. And my last war was with blackduckling and he is not near my main land (but I guess around Russia?) Thus I figured error?
  3. I really can find nothing that could have happened with 8000+troops. This must be a glitch...
  4. Hi, I think i have an error? In my biggest base I just saw that my army is gone? I just build a bit new, but it was fully filled and level 84 armywise is a not to build and impossible to loose? Can you take a look? Thanks! The one true king
  5. But indeed this does not guarantee that you get personal... if it costs 3 personally to have one positive attempt the added value for 3 days is very limited. This makes it almost impossible to gain enough armies to actively fight the FoT. I can understand to limit this, but why not 10 resources? 1 seems to limited to me for the cost of a satellite... But well lets see the next update
  6. In the last weeks I tried the tracking satellite in my main land a few times, but I only pick up one resource. I just used it once more and again just 1. This while I am not on the max resources. I think it started after the last update? Could it be a bug?
  7. Good! Especially the last one, I have been forming alliances with all newcomers to stop this. But this is much better!
  8. Since I just destroyed an ai base I wanted to clean up lands a bit. However They were then defende by a second FoT base. This one only level 3 but with over 800 troops??? This seems a bug? It should be impossible? Also I am the only player around so it seems unlikely the base lost several levels by others (and kept the armies)
  9. Aha so besides unlimited troops and buildings build in too low level lands they can also use troops more efficiently? So it is really a matter of time before they wear down all defences. Well it certainly changed the game...
  10. The new FoT is off course much more active. But now 1 army from 1 base seems to be attacking 3 of my bases. 541 forces attacking 3 at the same time that are close seem to much of a weird chance... However; the losses are not accumulated, so now I fight 1500 troops. I will win but this seems a bit exsessive and something seems wrong?
  11. Hi Dan; What I think is strange is that the drone thing is really about not leaving the house and this screwed the arguments above up, but well maybe that is just me... but it seems strange in combination with this above (especially since drones can land outside of basis areas you own). This is unlimited by travel point, while the trade and upgrade part above really does require quite a lot of travel (and thus does fit the main point of the game; being get out and travel)
  12. Thanks, intersting though! Anyway indeed i could just build new lands. (Connecting to the internet took so long there was quite a bit of time inbetween in the end)
  13. Just a question... i was just on an airplane with wifi. So i could continue to play while flying. However my location remained in Amsterdam. Now i just arrived in DC. I guess building a land so far out in like 30 minutes might lead to problems? What do i do?
  14. Hmm maybe I am just inpatient, but this is taking quite long. This must cost in the number of people playing (or at least downloading)
  15. This is probably the better place to ask again; but is there any update on the problems we have that the game just does not work anymore after the updat?
  16. Well i have the same problem. It does not load. There is just the static screen with the new logo & I have already removed the app and installed it again.
  17. In regards to the Christmas gift, i assume we will get this on Christmasday?
  18. Sorry but it worked again pretty fast after my last post!
  19. Ah but I just had this as well and the reset via the pin does not seem to work... if this is a global thing we just have to wait a bit?
  20. This morning it seems there has been a reset? The standard login does not work and I cannot get in (the login fields are empty, but notthing works and I cant request reset codes)? Is there a maintenance going on?
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