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Found 8 results

  1. I got lands outside my borders of a base. No suprise. When I was in Latvia I had the problem that the FoT attacked my lands while I was upgrading them to get a base!!!!! Quite annoying. I was also far far far south in Norway on the spiss. Now I'm upgrading the most southern land with unobtanium. That triggers the FOT to attack that land! I hate this! Please add a building that I must have in my capital that trains like: Scouts or rim guards. Like a limit with 10 or a little more. Idk, just enough to protect a little against the FOT. Make the building expensive please and the troops must cost at least 10 supplies per unit. My southern land means a lot to me. This one is not like the others, it has value in my heart.
  2. My GPS on my phone is jumpy when I load up my app, in the last few weeks has been a bit worse, there's 2 lands specifically I know we're over 10km from my position when I grabbed them, if this is any issue at all I can send you pictures and descriptions of the exact locations so they can be deleted, I wasn't there so I don't think they should exist, if it's too much trouble then I can keep them but I don't want the game to think I am cheating in any way. Just got a new phone and the problem seems to have stopped overnight, so hopefully it's not an issue moving forward... Ps. Thanks for the wonderful game, I'm looking forward to more events and updates.
  3. Hi. Just a small suggestion - consider adding 500m radius circle to land you possess. If you draw this with the thin line it will be very helpful for players trying to establish better control over the nearby lands. Players will be able to see their lands potential area of influence and plan where they can find the most suitable place to settle in and cover the lands around their base. You know its hard to count direct 500 m walking You can also think about adding an extra item to get such intelligence temporary if you are afraid of too much server/device traffic.
  4. I noticed that with the expansion of the earth, I expand not the one in the zone I'm in, but the ground is a ghost, while it pumped it up to 32 levels. If I'm not mistaken about the earth, a ghost with such a name existed in my place, but then, when I reached level 100, I joined the other and disappeared, and now I pump it in the other world.
  5. If it already isnt an option, I would like to see how much land I have taken over as a message in the corner or in the "My Lands" menu. This will make players take pride in their conquest of the Earth and make bragging so much easier!
  6. hello! i created the land of 100 level. I want to put a new land near the hi level land. I am go to 550 m from center of land and try take the new land. But i get a message: "my land have a max level. i get a new resources on the map". After 15 minutes i was go to 50 m still and try again. But message as in first time. What distance from center of the land need go to for take up a new land?
  7. I know that my land increases by 5 or 10 meters every time i level up. But is it the very small circle, the medium circle, or the very large circle that represents my land?
  8. Im sorry but im not sure how to expand the size of land one its placed, or how leveling up works. Could someone explain?
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