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Found 8 results

  1. Happy holidays, everyone! Christmas is here and so is another in-game event allowing to obtain some Unobtainium for free: We've decided to add Unobtainium to the list of generated resources from land captures until the 31st of January 2019. Only a single unit of Unobtainium will appear at any spot at a time and chances of that happening are low (for every 10 supersized resource drops there will be 1 Unobtainium drop), but any capture has a chance to trigger the Unobtainium drop, including check-ins at your base. Please note that the chance to generate Unobtainium is increased by x5
  2. So I accidentally built a Missle launcher on a small land I intend to combine with a larger land and I was curious, will I lose the U$ I spent to build it? Or will it just move the building or convert it back to rss? Or as I suspect will I just be out the U$ and get them as base levels? Thx in advance
  3. Hi all, Another update is now available on the Play Store and App Store, featuring the following changes: It is now possible to obtain directions to any resource via Google Maps by tapping on the new "Compass" button appearing within the tooltip window of all resources. Ability to upgrade your Inventory and purchase additional slots using Unobtainium is now available. Please note that to preserve in-game balance each subsequent purchased slot will cost increasingly more than the previous one. Performance of the "My Lands" and "Construct" tabs has been improv
  4. I have many friends I can get to play the game but is there a code I could give them to get them some extra materials and I can get one Unobtainium? Or Every two people I get to put in my code I can get one Unobtainium?
  5. Happy Halloween, generals and warlords of Domination: Earth! To celebrate Halloween this year we're launching a couple of promotional events: 1) For the next couple of days and until further notice there is a chance to scrap Unobtainium from real-world items! Please note that it is only possible to receive Unobtainium by scrapping real items, primarily small objects that can be purchased in local shops (e.g. electronics, food, medicine, household items etc.). Scanning any non-standard bar codes (e.g. RSS or QR codes) or digitally generated codes (i.e. fake bar codes ) won't do
  6. As of 1.6.3 we're launching an "Unobtainium promotion campaign" that increases all Unobtainium gain from subscriptions and in-app purchases by 300%. Weekly subscriptions now award 10 and 20 units per week (instead of 3 and 6), and one-off packages offer 30, 60, 120, 300 and 600 units of Unobtainium respectively for the same price as before. Additionally, we've added a couple of generic fixes and enhancements in this release, specifically: Zooming out the "Earth View" will now show the maximum attack & land capture radius for each base. This should help understand how f
  7. Watch out for 1.5.1 later today, featuring the following changes: Capturing Land in an area with no resources will deploy 50 random resource spots straight away. Capturing Land in an area with fewer than 50 resources will generate extra resource spots (up to +5). Unobtainium Store no longer freezes on devices with a default language different to English (GB). As always, please do not hesitate to post if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.
  8. Hello When I want to buy some Unobtainium by clicking on the green plus button, it starts to load but nothing happens... How can I buy some Unobtainium? Cheers
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