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Domination: Earth

2.8.2 Optimized "My Lands" and other enhancements

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Hi all,

Version 2.8.2 is now live on the Play Store and App Store.

This version is focused on fixing bugs and introducing enhancements requested by players, specifically:

  • It is now possible to enable/disable individual character skills, preventing the undesired skills from accidentally activating and draining stamina.
  • "My Lands" window has been redesigned with a large number of bases in mind.
    Special thanks to @S Keillanfor demonstrating the possible extents of that list as well as the incredible amounts of patience while playing with the old UI; it must have been really painful, I apologize for that. 😅

    The new UI lists all bases in a fairly compact way (just the level, name and distance), while any additional details (e.g. controls, resource production amounts, army size etc.) appear upon tap and are loaded individually for every selected base to prevent long waiting times.
    Expanded base widgets are also cached (as long as the associated profile setting is enabled) and should load faster after the initial use.

    Finally, all players with 3+ bases will see a search bar at the top of "My Lands" allowing to find specific bases by name (partial matches are allowed).

    I hope the new version is easier to navigate and causes less frustration.
    However, please let me know if that is still not the case. 😉
  • Your surroundings (resources, quests, characters, etc.) will now refresh automatically as your current position changes and you move too far from the original spot; the refresh happens approximately every kilometer.
    The automatic surrounding refresh only works while the camera follows your current position (the "yellow" tracking icon on Earth View).
  • "Viewing" a remote base ("eye" icon on a base widget in "My Lands") should automatically load the surroundings around its location.
    Centering camera back on your location afterwards will also refresh the surroundings and reenable the automatic refresh.
  • Fixed a bug causing intermittent loading of locations associated with inbox messages; tapping on a message should now load the correct location on Earth View every time.
  • Peacekeeping points icon is now purple, matching the "Force of Terror" flag colour.
  • To delete a utility structure players must now enter "delete" into the confirmation box (in their chosen language) to avoid accidental removals.

As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback. ;)

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