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Domination: Earth

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I'd like the game to be able to enter some offline mode, where you can't use items and other stuff, but you will be still able to see resources on the map. Once you want to pickup the resources/capture land/do something, a quick sync with the server (requiring to disable the offline mode) would be made.

This thing would be super useful for people who don't have much of celuar network.

Right now, my four, 2 hour trips around the town cost me 4 bucks just on celuar network.

Thanks! 🙂

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5 hours ago, RobotWizard9 said:

Once you want to pickup the resources/capture land/do something, a quick sync with the server

That's exactly how it works currently. 😁

There is no continuous connection with the server and any actions (capture, collect, activate item etc.) consume very little data.

The bulkiest aspects here are the lands & resources loaded around you (but all of these can be disabled via map filters) and the map tiles themselves, but they are cached locally on your device and not something you'd probably want to disable anyway. 🙂

Try disabling every single switch in the Map Filters and see if that helps! ;)

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Seeing resources on the map in offline mode is going to be problematic, I'm afraid.
They are shared among all players, generate as you travel around the world and may disappear at any moment if someone else picks them up.
Navigating in offline mode while viewing a resource snapshot that's several hours old is going to cause a lot of confusion, plus once you actually leave the initial visibility radius you won't see (or generate) any resources at all; you cannot cache all available resources on your phone as there are many millions of them around the planet.

My suggestion was not to disable internet completely (you are correct, there is that pop-up message in the way :)), but to switch the map filters off as that will reduce your data consumption by a lot.
You can only switch the Resource view back on once you're actually ready for collection, but even then you don't have to see them to pick any resources up: this action is performed on the server once the "Pick Up" button is pressed. ;)
And as stated above, Pick Up, Land Capture and all other buttons will not consume more than a few KB of data with all the filters switched off.

I hear what you're saying though and will have a think about other features we might introduce to help with your problem. ;)

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