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  1. I just noticed that the new automated collection feature only works for resources (I guess it's the same for items, quests and characters), if their according map filter setting is activated. I don't know if this is intended, but you might want to clarify that those map filter settings are not purely cosmetically (which might be beneficial for older or slower devices) but also affect this new feature. In contrast, the manual collection was not dependent on having the associated map filter setting activated.
  2. Interesting new changes. I especially appreciate the offline capture feature since it also helps with very frustrating situations on ferries or airplanes that use satellite internet and block some things necessary for domination. I guess we can just turn off our internet connection in those cases? I'm a little bit sad to loose the possibility to scrap for drones. But I'm excited for those upcoming mini-games. There is one non-essential but irritating cosmetic problem with the new update, possible limited to my device and similar ones. The devices tool and status bar (at the top and b
  3. I do completely love this update. You added so many great things I wished for. Fantastic!
  4. I just noticed that you finally implemented the deletion of individual chosen amounts of items at once within the Warehouse and I just wanted to say that I absolutely love it. Thank you! 😍
  5. There are a few in-game ways of using Supplies pretty fast though: Producing items using your Assembly Plant(s) Trading with other players Use the Expert Settler Perk, this can cost up to 5% of your maximum storage capacity of Supplies if you use stacked captures Constructing and upgrading Concrete Walls, Assembly Plants and Warehouses at your Bases and Outposts also requires many Supplies Each Soldier costs you one Personnel and one Supplies so go out and fight the AI
  6. Me and an ally figured out an interesting issue playing around with drones. If you zoom far out you will notice that, while the map itselfs seems infinite in East-West direction, the actual displayed countrystats will only appear once on the map. If you capture some land, it will also only appear once on the map. However, if you scroll enough west- or eastbound you will come to the same place and be unable to capture a land there since there is already a land, even though you can't see it at that position. So far so good. Everything seems to be only displayed once on the map but ac
  7. No problem! Panels of quests have two buttons. The First one allows you to navigate to the quest by opening the exact position in Google maps. AFAIK this is currently the only feature in the game providing exact coordinates. Long time ago we had this also for bases but you removed it together with other geo-data changes. However, this feature was always great to plan trips and especially the possible locations of new bases. Currently both, lands and bases/outposts, have a context menu where an additional button would imo not bother anyone but bring back the ability of making precise plans u
  8. Since we already have a little "collect" button at the panel of quests, wouldn't it be nice to have the same button on each resource panel? That way it could be possible to collect resources the "usual" way without wasting a charge of a maybe active Super Magnet. This distinction between usual collect operations and those using charges was requested a few times much earlier. However, now this seems to be feasible much easier than before. Same Same but different about the "navigation" button on quest panels. Would be great to have the same (back) for bases and maybe even lands now that those
  9. The issue still exists in all three cases: capture a Station, regular capture, stacked capture. I attached a video showing the Problem. I will abandon this Quest as I get to another one. 20201224_142913.mp4
  10. It's stuck at 4/9 Travel Points and 16/16 Personnel. Yesterday I performed about 4 or 5 "usual" captures of new level 1 lands, about 5 "stacked" captures of new level 1 lands and a capture of a Personnel Recruitment Beacon. All of those generated Travel Points but did not count towards the quest. I also had this quest untouched for about a week since I'm not collecting many Travel Points during lockdown. But I'll let you know when I got another chance if it works again.
  11. I got a broken Quest "local roundup" which is no longer counting any Travel Points which I am collecting. So I am currently unable to complete this Quest but I don't want to abandon it.
  12. I know that this request already appeared some time ago but due to the latest changes regarding resources collection it is more important than ever to collect resources using items. I guess many of us try to use Super Magnets for this. So right now I spend most of my time deleting hundreds of items which are no Super Magnets which takes up lots of time. I would really appreciate if you could increase the priority of such a feature to delete lots of items at once.
  13. Okay so the basic issue still persists. Whenever I hit the capture button, which did not display the counter and cost although it should, the capture action will happen without any confirmation window and will cost an (at that time to me) unknown) amount of resources. So the server works perfectly but the client seems to be sleepy sometimes. Or in other words, the capture button will always trigger a capture operation request to the server directly as long as it looks normal (doesn't show x% of resource below). This happens to me a couple times a week mostly if the client is very busy or
  14. OK, here is what I dislike about the new Tracking Satellite mechanics: Travel Points resemble distance traveled. I would never travel 5 km just to acquire on random pile of resources. It's no good cost-benefit ratio. You already nerfed the Tracking Satellite earlier by removing any advantage someone with big or many lands had concerning resources collection. Naturally it gets harder while advancing in Domination to obtain Travel Points. The longer you play, the harder it gets. For most late gamers there is nearly no chance of getting Travel Points during their daily routine.
  15. This issue was before 2.6.0 and seems to be fixed now. At least the counter resets again after the placement of the new utility structure. Although I still dis not tried this in those ca. 2 seconds before it resets.
  16. So I just spent about 800 Travel Points for something I don't even know... not like I already lost over 1000 not even a week ago. You really need to do something about those extremely costly captures without any warning or confirmation pop up. Weeks of progress may be lost in seconds without even noticing. At the moment I'd rather have an option to disable the whole expert settler feature individually than encountering those huge losses over and over again due to a single random click or whatever happens... Don't get me wrong, I like the whole idea of this feature as well as the idea of T
  17. Something seems to have changed behind the reverse country stats API you are using. "Special regions" which belong to another state now get country stats no longer stating their ISO 3166 country code but something like [country code of administrating state:country code of administrated state] for example US:PR for Puerto Rico or CN:HK for Hong Kong. Those new country stats add to the already existing country stats like PR and HK. Newly created country stats seem to only spawn the new format for example US:UM (at least I guess so since I did not found any UM country stats). Additionally, t
  18. Today I noticed an issue at the Mass Recruitment quest where you, according to its description, have to capture Personnel Recruitment Beacons. I captured not a single station but nevertheless completed the quest. I had to capture 15 Personnel Recruitment Beacons and did so by hitting the resources collect button a few times near two of those. I did capture none of them. I guess that this is possible with all quests related to capturing stations making those quest much easier as I guess was intended. During the time this happened I had two Metal Detectors, one Radio Transmitter and one Exp
  19. I just encountered a new issue related to the reset of the capture counter after placing a new utility structure. So it just appeared that when I place a new sentry turret, the capture counter does not reset on client side but on server side. This was an older issue. However, now this also leads to no confirmation pop up coming up asking if i want to spend some resources to capture again. The server of course still knows about my second capture within 15 minutes thus collecting the price without any warning. This way I just lost about half my travel points because of being fast, a little to
  20. It looks like there is something wrong about capturing utility structures. I was just fully stocked on captures, captured three new Solar Panels within a minute but neither lost a capture stock nor paid the shown 2% Travel Points Fee.
  21. Interestingly enough, clearing the cache did not help but clearing all app data did the job.
  22. I just updated and still have only the old six filter options. Btw, nice new items icon
  23. It's working fine again, thank you!
  24. It's the same for me since this morning
  25. Since it is no longer possible to buy lands above level 1 it makes sense to remove the "buy" button from those lands. But you removed the "track player" button as well on those lands which might not be intended? Now I could attack, buy or track a player from a level 1 land but only attack it if it is above level 1.
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