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Found 5 results

  1. When I hit the flag button there's usually the little msg in the gray window that says rss's have spawned into the area and it'll cycle through 2 or 3 msgs fairly quickly. I haven't seen it all day. I've also been trying to pay attention after flagging and I haven't seen any rss's spawn into the map. I've asked a few ppl to verify, one said it works and another said it wasn't. I don't really have any more details than that besides I picked up lucky drop 2 last night (which would have something to do with extra msgs at least)
  2. Can I turn off sharing resources between allies?
  3. I am unsure of what exactly the tracking satellite is supposed to do, and how you are supposed to use it. I've built one, and have multiple places upgraded around the map, some with guard towers that show an extended field of view/influence - but I've never been able to successfully get any resource from the "collect resource" button under its heading in the "my lands" tab. It always says "there are no resources around to pick up."
  4. Resources appear on the map as one of several icons that are a fixed size no matter the zoom level (but they do group so far out). The resources actual position can be different to what one may expect by looking at the icon. This is common issue with "hot point" placement on custom cursors. I suggest setting a minimum icon size and adding a hitbox or "pickup radius" so if the player's range intersects the visible icon's region you register as a pickup. This avoids circumstances where the pickup doesn't register because a player is looking at the resource from the wrong angle.
  5. Watch out for 1.5.1 later today, featuring the following changes: Capturing Land in an area with no resources will deploy 50 random resource spots straight away. Capturing Land in an area with fewer than 50 resources will generate extra resource spots (up to +5). Unobtainium Store no longer freezes on devices with a default language different to English (GB). As always, please do not hesitate to post if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.
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