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Domination: Earth

I have a base with 120 shield


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That would be because that base is the only one that has a concrete wall and a metal fence:


I suspect that you've built a metal fence on that land before it was a base and then later converted the land into a base?

It is the only way to have both types of walls protect your land (normally a base only allows to build the concrete wall).

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On 6/30/2021 at 12:55 AM, permar said:

Ok, thank you. it is true. But how I can build other wall or turrets?

Your base can only have one wall (with the exception of the metal fence inherited from the upgraded land) and one guard tower, one missile launcher plus one nuclear silo at a time (I believe they should be listed in the "Build / Upgrade" window in "My Lands").

However, once any of your non-base lands reach level 100 or above you will be able to place additional walls and turrets anywhere on that land's territory (the bigger the land, the more structures can fit).

I hope that helps!

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