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Domination: Earth

the distance between the lands


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i  created the land of 100 level. I want to put  a new land near the hi level land. I am go to 550 m from center of land and try  take the new land. But i get a message: "my land have  a max level. i get a new resources on the map". After 15 minutes i was go to 50 m still and try again. But message as in first time.  What distance from center of the land need  go to for take up a new land?



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If your illustration is accurate then your attempts to capture land are actually correct! :)

As soon as you're outside the "green" circle you should be able to capture new lands.
Perhaps there was a GPS lag and your new position didn't register...?

I'll run some tests myself and see if I can reproduce the problem (if yes, this will be fixed!), but in the meantime I recommend rebooting your phone, just in case the GPS chip is frozen! ;) 

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14 minutes ago, maximus43 said:

i try 50, 100, 150 m . But not make a new land.  today try still. My gps work correctly

When you say "50, 100, 150m" - that's from the big land's outer border, right? Not from its center?

If you are measuring distance from its center then you'd need to be 500m+ away.

I'm sure that's what you're doing, I'm saying it just in case to avoid any misunderstandings. :)
As promised, I will run some tests myself though!

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