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1.19.6 Capture Freezes

Mr. D

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Hi all,

I have received a wave of emails / PMs and forum notifications about a new issue that appeared this morning; as many of you know it manifested in a form of "freezing land captures" (or "freezing upgrades") where pressing any of the Flag buttons resulted in a "Please wait..." message, but nothing else.

This issue was caused by the fact that the OpenStreetMap servers used to identify your location got overloaded and were not responding to some requests, hence the issue was intermittent.

Unfortunately, such quality of service is unacceptable for our needs, so we're once again moving to a different Geocoding provider: OpenCage.

Version 1.19.6 implements this change and replaces OSM with OpenCage Geocoding, so if you are suffering from "capture freezes" please download the update as soon as you can. Additionally, we've implemented dynamic provider switching, so if the same happens with OpenCage again in the future we will be able to substitute it with another service provider without requiring you to download any more updates. :)

Finally, you will now see a bit more diversity in land names as they will now include street & road names where applicable.

1.19.6 is now available on the Play Store and App Store.

As always, please post if you have any questions or concerns!

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First of all, great that we can capture again, very nice that you fixed that so fast! You not only fixed the problem but just made a way so this will never happen again, awesome!!! Thank you so much for this.

Since you wrote in the Discord that you now moved away from the "free stuff" I'm a little bit concerned if this will work for a long time. Please don't get me wrong but neither a non working game nor a working but too pricey game (no matter on which side) is good for the players, the game itself and you (Of course you know this). I know that the game finances are none of my/our business so please excuse this somehow "direct" question but somehow I feel a little bit worried about that...:)

So are there any plans/options to take a free way again? Or is anything OK just like it is?

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39 minutes ago, Ruvox said:

So are there any plans/options to take a free way again? Or is anything OK just like it is?

Don't worry, this is an affordable option that will not affect in-game prices of Unobtainium.
Compared to Google Geocoding API it's roughly 65 times less expensive! :)

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