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Domination: Earth

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Hey all,

As most you noticed by now our original Discord server created by players has, unfortunately, disappeared.
I am unaware of the reasons behind that and it was not coordinated with myself in any way, so we'll just consider this an unsanctioned act of treason against Domination: Earth. :)

To avoid similar incidents in the future I have launched a new official Discord server, which will exist as long as "D:E" is online. ;)
It is still intended to be moderated by players with no intervention from myself, so @ValarMorghulis and @Riylan regain the full admin access with the ability to assign additional roles as they see fit.

The in-game button and our official link ( http://discord.domination.earth ) have now been fixed.

If you are using the desktop version and your browser has the old link cached, please try a direct invite instead:

Alternatively, the in-game button should become functional after reopening the app.

Any questions, please post! ;)

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