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    My quick review

    Thanks Devilx4! Very happy to hear that you are enjoying Domination! Your suggestions sound reasonable, I'll see if I can get some of those ideas included in the next update!
  2. Hi David, Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Domination! In regard to your issues: 1.This probably varies by country, but we did notice a similar issue while exploring England. I'm planning to solve this problem by adding "power ups" and items allowing to capture hard to reach resources further away from yourself than usual. Any other suggestions are welcome though! 2. If it's not showing up in "My Lands" then it's probably still being built (each building has a "time cost" associated with its construction). As soon as you purch
  3. Fair enough! I will adjust the in-app updater to use wifi only. In general I tend to avoid using this feature and it's only activated in case of critical hotfixes (e.g. when the app would otherwise not function at all). All non-essential updates are distributed via the Play Store / App Store where you have the ability to choose whether to download the update straight away or not.
  4. Hi Venusdimylo, Just uninstall the app and all your lands will deactivate automatically in 7 days if you don't login again before that. May I ask what you didn't like in Domination that made you want to leave?
  5. Mr. D

    Claiming resources

    Resource capture radius for new lands was 30m (approx. 100ft) until today, but I've increased it to 50m (160ft) just now, please let me know if that helps!
  6. Since version 1.4 there's a 5% chance to find a resource "unusual" for its current area (e.g. Supplies in cities and Personnel in the wilderness).
  7. Hi Hillson! Great questions! First of all, I do agree that privacy is very important and we've done as much as possible to keep your information safe and do not use any features of your phone than the very minimum to allow the game to function. You are correct, phone call permissions etc. may appear as a default requirement for certain versions of mobile operating systems, but aren't actually used by "Domination: Earth". Here's a full list of things the game needs (and why): 1) "Location" permission is used to launch native Google Maps and allow it to update the current
  8. Hello everyone, Following feedback received from our players we've decided to perform an overhaul of the land capture mechanics and made some big changes! The most important issue we've tried to solve is the ability to "capture the world" (or a very large chunk of it at least ) without leaving one place that you visit regularly (e.g. work, school, university). Because "Domination: Earth" promotes travel (hiking, cycling and other forms of real-world exploration) we really didn't want frequent travelers to lose in comparison to those who have the ability to check in frequently from t
  9. Heya! Yes, the latest update re-balances game mechanics in multiple aspects. I will create a more detailed announcement about that tonight, but to sum it up: size of lands has been reduced and certain upgrade conditions added, while base levels have been increased (from the former maximum of 10 to the new limit of 100). So lands will be smaller, which will allow a larger number of players to co-exist in one area, while bases will be a lot larger. Once again, how and why will be explained in an announcement later today!
  10. Sorry for the late response! I'm glad to hear that everything is working again!
  11. Hi Txnsky! Don't worry, we planned many updates for the game including several new buildings; this is only the very first version, much more content will come!
  12. Mr. D

    Cannot capture land

    Hi Tyler! There are normally two possible reasons for this: 1) You are connected to a wifi network that reports a really weird position, conflicting with the GPS coordinates (some wifi routers appear as if they are hundreds of miles away from you, which confuses the anti-cheat system :)). Try switching off wifi and capture land again. If that helps I'll see if I can adjust the system to work with your particular network! 2) if you are not connected to wifi, it is possible that the phone's GPS froze and is sending a misleading position... Can you please reboot the phone and
  13. If you're new to the community and don't know where to start, please feel free to introduce yourself and say "Hi!" to us in this thread.
  14. If you experience any problem, no matter how small it is, please let us know about it in this forum. App crashing, notifications not appearing, GPS placing you in a wrong spot, password reset emails not arriving or any other technical question always deserves an answer! Alternatively, if your problem is of a confidential nature (e.g. an exploit that shouldn't become well-known) or if you'd simply like to speak in private, please email us at support@domination.earth or send a Private Message to me on this forum or our Facebook page.
  15. As all of you know, there are four types of resources available in "Domination: Earth": Money, Supplies, Personnel and Unobtainium. All resources, except for Unobtainium, appear in random locations within a 5 kilometer radius around you after every check-in (i.e. Capture Land). Resource locations are shared between players, which means that any resource that you can see on the map is visible to all other players nearby as well, so you have to get the resource before someone else does. The visibility radius for resources is 10km; anything further than that from you will not be display
  16. Hi all, "Domination: Earth" is free for everyone to enjoy, which is why there are a few key rules that we'd like our players to follow in order to maintain the enjoyable and friendly environment. No advertising We do not force any form of advertising on our players and ask you to do the same. Please do not use your display name or name of your lands to promote a 3rd party product or website unrelated to domination. If your lands represent a fan website (e.g. an alliance or guild of "Domination: Earth" players) it is fine to mention that group's name in your land title, but
  17. Greetings, everyone! And welcome to the forum of "Domination: Earth", the augmented reality strategy game! As mentioned on our Facebook page, we weren't actually supposed to release the game for another week, but due to popular demand we've decided to move our schedule forward and launch the game publicly on the App Store and Google Play Store today! You can download "Domination: Earth" onto your Android or iOS phones and tablets using this link: https://domination.app.link/CR9J0hZyrG More information about the game will follow shortly in other parts of this forum, but plea
  18. Greetings, everyone! And welcome to our new forum! This community has *just* launched due to an imminent release of "Domination: Earth", so here's your chance to be among the first to register and say "hi" to us! More news about the release and general information about "Domination: Earth" will follow in separate threads very soon. Stay tuned!
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