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  1. Update: overnight I lost another land every couple of hours. Expecting to lose my last two once the guy who's attacking wakes up. At least I'll get to see what happens when someone hits a base without soldiers bothering to defend. Heh.
  2. So, twice now I've been attacked and had land taken from me without my army lifting a finger. Yes, 'defend surrounding lands' is on. I even toggled it off and on again after the first attack, to no effect.
  3. Wait, what? So the 15 lands I've been slowly building sandbags and guard towers on, around my relative's place, and the park I visit a few times a year, and my church, and more recently my house and my work, are now completely useless? That's a bit demoralizing. I guess the only time I'll be playing now is when I'm really traveling, so I can get new bases.
  4. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. I also dislike building levels on merged lands not counting towards base levels. Maybe the 'natural' (first sandbag and guard tower) buildings could still count, as was suggested? I really like the automatic land merge being removed. That has caused me several issues with land merging when I didn't want it to. The number of points required to merge a land seems a bit steep. But that's something that can be tweaked in the future, if needed. Gotta start somewhere. I'm looking forward to having new mechanics, and I really appreciate the
  5. So this issue is basically a bunch of kids playing nicely in a schoolyard, except for 4 kids off in a corner yelling at each other about who can throw a ball the farthest. Noone else really cares who can throw balls farthest, and they're just having fun kicking/throwing a ball around, playing tag, whatever. Then the principal decides to just take all the balls away from everyone. I don't really care much either way. It's your game; you do you. Just seems like a bit of an over-reaction. Good thing I already got rid of my big land, or I wouldn't be able to start
  6. No harm done; I assumed that a manual review would clear everything up, but wanted to make sure that would happen ASAP, as I am only out of my home area until Friday morning, so I need every check-in I can get. Thanks for your time, and the quick response. Now to get back to making my 2nd, and final, new base for this trip.
  7. So I just got warned for using fake GPS... Which I don't even have installed on my phone... Maybe it was the plane trip I took yesterday? Anyhow, I'd rather not be banned. I still like to play when I'm traveling. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys; I'm trying to contact the owner(who quit playing D:E around a year ago). From what I can find the server owner is the only person that can delete it. And I don't know what would have happened other than that. I made a new one: [removed; see https://forum.domination.earth/index.php?/topic/548-discord-move/] I'm now the owner; so it won't be deleted again. It will take some time to get it back to its former state with the proper channels, roles, etc. But hey, it's something to do. Join back up and help rebuild(I definitely don't remem
  9. Well, I caught up on the thread about couch expanding in the Q&A forum. Guess we have the answer. Also, I found the section in the CoC that gave me the impression that "couching" was against the rules: " Multiple accounts Use of multiple accounts for one person is not prohibited as long as it is used for legitimate purposes (i.e. not exploiting the trade or resource sharing mechanics) and does not affect other players."
  10. I like the idea. It would give me motivation to play again at home and work, both of which are within my main land. I recently moved, and am still in my main land by about half a block. Now I'm in the process of planting as many new flags as possible within 500m of my current residence so I can get a nice boost a few months from now, after they're all fully upgraded. And after that... Boredom again. Unless I go on a business trip. This idea would give me a reason to capture as often as I could again; a few extra resources an hour and the base points just aren't cutting it any
  11. Delta was the airline, and the price I saw was $16 (USD) for 24 hours of Wi-Fi, good on any of their flights. Luckily for me, they have a deal with my cell phone service provider (T-Mobile) where I get a free hour of Wi-Fi on each individual flight. So I timed my hour for mid-flight, and it worked great. As for everything that has to come together correctly to make it work, and the base spacing, yeah. I was only able to get one land on my way there, because GPS only location didn't work (probably the satellites weren't quite in the correct location or something), so I got a land in O
  12. Success! I was able to get a few lands claimed while flying, and finally got them all turned into bases. Since we were going a fair bit faster than 101km/15min, I wasn't quite able to get optimally spaced bases. But I have 4 more than I otherwise would have, so that's neat.
  13. Alrighty, thanks! Your explanation and the discussion has given me an idea, so I'm going to try setting my phone to GPS only mode, and hopefully that will force the game to use my actual location. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  14. So, I searched for an answer to this question, and couldn't find a definitive answer. I am about to take a plane trip for work, and am wondering if it would be worth it to pay for the in-flight Wi-Fi to be able to capture land while flying. I suspect that it won't work, since I have seen other threads about capturing not working at train speed. But if anyone has tried it already, I won't need to pay the extra.
  15. Same here. Flag doesn't work; everything else I've tried works.
  16. Interesting. I look forward to what comes next. The wait will be long, but the news that our existing time/money invested will not be wasted combined with your previous track record(updates, communication, etc.) will keep me around and eager to see what the next iteration is.
  17. Since I installed the latest version, when I hit the flag button to claim land, I don't get any messages about it working, and the button doesn't update to the timer state. I used to get a confirmation dialog that my building had been leveled, and then about 40 notifications for the L1 land in my area and the resources I can't hold. If I switch to another tab and back, the timer shows up, but there are still no notifications. I'm using a galaxy S7 edge. Also, in the previous version(it's kinda fixed right now), the message about whatever resource being full seemed to b
  18. Until a land hits L100+, you can only build one of each building on it. After that, you'll be able to build tons of buildings on it.
  19. So, I have been dreading an update like this for months now. I don't travel far to go to work(around 2.5 miles). I don't travel farther than that for pretty much anything I do during the week. Sunday I go to church, and spend a couple hours there, and maybe an hour getting food with my family. Every few months my work sends me on a business trip for a day or so. With this update, my growth(AKA the reason for me to play) is effectively reduced to around 5-10m/day. Which I don't think will be enough to keep me playing. If this is the way you want the game to be played going
  20. Yes, that's what I mean. As for building sandbags, they don't take personnel to build, and guard towers don't take many personnel. In addition to that, a land has to be at a certain level before you can build a guard tower on it, which means that alot of my lands can't have guard towers on them. Further, since the remote construction update, I have been building things on all my lands, so I've already used up alot(probably most) of the spaces for guard towers that I have. So, sure, I can use a few personnel(I estimate 70 maximum) on building things, but that won't be enough
  21. Not sure if it was intentional, but with this change, an important strategy is no longer possible. I can no longer travel to a few miles to where an opponent is, activate 10 super magnets, and clear out all the resources in their area to deny them personnel/supplies during a battle. I haven't needed to use it yet, but it's been in my back pocket. Just figured I'd point it out.
  22. As one of the high-level players, I don't see much issue with the current radius increase system. This isn't because of the resources I get; it's because of the nature of the game. Having more resources to collect doesn't matter much. My resources have been pegged for around a month now, but that hasn't helped me to continue to be a top player. The trick to 'winning' this game isn't collecting resources, it's consistency in grinding the capture button. Hitting that button every 15 minutes. My motivation to continue playing, right now(absent other endgame features), is to see ho
  23. I've had this same issue since I can remember. My solution is to just close the app each time I'm done with it, and open it fresh. Seems to take about as long as switching tabs a couple times.
  24. Had the same issue; I cleared the cache and the issue is gone. BTW, I like the perks so far.
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