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  1. Most veterans of this game consider the FoT to be too weak and only serve to be a peacekeeping points farm. I'll throw in some pointers for you to help out with the FoT; - Don't attack unless you can spare the troops. At low level you can look at losses around 100-200 troops while killing the same amount. - Gather, upgrade and use characters and equipment to help you with the fights. Look at each characters and equipments strengths and pick those that help against the FoT. At low level these do not do much but at higher level you can look at losses around 20-50 troops while FoT still
  2. Kastor mentioned on Discord that scrapping doesn't work after new update. I tested it out as I hadn't updated the game yet and can confirm. Scrapping worked fine before updating but after updating I now get this error message:
  3. If you have upgraded the perk that grants you more than one item then yeah, that was the issue. If you are trying to make 3 items but only have space for two or less you will get that "must be present on base" error. Regarding this new one, I don't know. Looks like the cooldown was activated though. Did you get any new items?
  4. This is an old "bug" (more of a false error). You are full on storage. You need to upgrade your warehouse or delete some of your other powerups to make space
  5. Are you sure about that? @Irrelevents tried this out and confirmed this to not be the case unless there is more specific conditions to do it.
  6. So a new resource gathering meta during lategame has born. Step 1. After you have made a huge land (usually at home/work/school) move your base there. Step 2. When low on resources just spawn the resource you need non-stop every 30 seconds until desired amount has been spawned. Step 3. Use tracking satellite to pick up all those resources that spawned on your mega-land. Step 4. ??? Step 5. Profit. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own homes COUCH 😉 Please note: You will have to do a super magnet run every now and then to sweep those resources tha
  7. In the past? We still have atleast one active you know? Richest leaderboard is also bugged and frozen and has been like that for ages
  8. This update semi-broke my game. Whenever I open the game I get the screen shown below. I have waited tens of minutes without any change so safe to say nothings loading. However I am able to use the tabs my lands, perks and quests and if I switch back to earth view, everything starts working. But having to shuffle between the tabs everytime to get map and flag button to open is probably not a intended feature 😁 I'm coming in late with this report since I didn't update until today but also confirming it was this update.
  9. Wait, what? I have yet to capture a new land after the "rename lands"-update so I have not seen the popup yet but I thought it was inserted into the original "You have captured a new flag"-message popup. I was quite surprised to learn about it being in a different popup after the initial one. You are right though, 3 popups would be annoying but 2 is too(😅). A confirmation message in some way is needed and a popup might be the only way to go. I would rather try and eliminate the rename popup and maybe hybrid it into the initial capture message? A simple "Name this land" and an input box would b
  10. If you haven't yet stumbled upon powerups that you can make, I suggest joining the discord via the ingame link and we'd be more than glad to guide you on your adventures! If you can't use discord then hit me up and I'll gladly help you out. There are ways to clear out a whole city (Like Mr.D said) in a matter of minutes. I would write you a quick guide now and here but currently I'm short on time 😊
  11. Stacking attacks are apparently a thing too... I didn't even attack or anything. I just upgraded a turret on a +L100 land with no AI land beneath and after two caps got the following situation: And yes, same land being attacked
  12. I don't believe you. I've noticed that after the AI update they have become so triggerhappy that they disregard combat cooldown rules. See pics taken by @Max Siren
  13. I'd like to add that isn't the AI supposed to follow the same rules as human players? I'm sure they do not have the same 1 hour cooldown as us which makes no sense
  14. If you scroll out enough you can see your base reach radius which is the 100km as mentioned above. With this you can check if a land is outside the borders and if it will create a new base at level 5
  15. Isn't that resource stations? We already got those! 😊 There are three different resource stations, they all give one of the three main resources (coins, personnel and supplies) and they have a timer of about one week. They have a low low chance to spawn whenever you use the flag buttong but have a much higher spawnrate when your base levels up. I'm sorry I don't have any screenshots to give you at this moment to see what you are looking for but they will appear on the map
  16. Drone lands become outposts when upgraded to level 5 with the use of unobtanium and these do not count towards the base leaderboard. How about normally planted flags that are later upgraded with the use of unobtanium to bases? Do they become a base or outpost and are they counted towards bases established? Or do they follow the same rules as drone lands?
  17. Not counting those bases in the leaderboards sounds right. That would bring it back as a legit leaderboard again. 🙂 And no need to change or worry about remote upgrades otherwise. I atleast don't see any other problem with them as they don't give too much of an advantage to be OP or push p2w too much but still gives a incentive to support the game and helps you to keep the game up. 😁
  18. I just want to add that currently as is this is not completely true. They also affect the bases established leaderboard. It has now in my mind become a p2w leaderboard as people are popping drones down in places they have never been and/or has no intention to visit and upgrading those lands to bases with the use of unobtanium which requires mainly real money. And yes I know their rarity right now is temporary but people are getting them left and right and are making them into bases. Rarity is temporary but bases are permanent. I do however understand the motivation behind this and am happ
  19. @Grizzlyfilms Your lands do appear on the leaderboards. You currently hold #1 in "EARTH" leaderboard as seen in a picture posted in discord. The picture you now posted says "Your current score: 135 000", but the leaderboard hasn't just updated yet as it updates every 24h. Patience young grasshopper 🙂
  20. I 100% take the blame for this. Pulled the trigger before I looked more into it. We've been getting some spam here and there trying to get people to press links you shouldn't. I reported it before I saw his other posts in other parts of the forums (which I obviously translated as I'm a curious bugger) and realized that it might have been legit. I kind of hoped that only one report wouldn't do anything or someone would do a manual review and be smarter than me I'm sorry @Mechanic and welcome to the game and forums! Hit us up if you need any help writing guides or anything else
  21. The only way to avoid getting flagged by the anti-cheat is to not cheat. So theres nothing to worry about! I have traveled by car and train without problem. Travel safe
  22. ~Resources~ There are 4 different resources in the game all used for varying things. All will be listed below with a detailed description for gathering and usage. All resource spawn locations are random and resources on the map are visible to everyone. You can see all resources within a 10km radius around you. Money Money is one of the three basic resources. Money can spawn anywhere on the world map within a 5km radius whenever a player uses the flag button. Money spawn in 20 to 99 unit stacks but also has a 5% chance to spawn a 10x larger stack. Money can be obtain
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