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Domination: Earth

Resources and where to find them

Mr. D

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As all of you know, there are four types of resources available in "Domination: Earth": Money, Supplies, Personnel and Unobtainium.

All resources, except for Unobtainium, appear in random locations within a 5 kilometer radius around you after every check-in (i.e. Capture Land).
Resource locations are shared between players, which means that any resource that you can see on the map is visible to all other players nearby as well, so you have to get the resource before someone else does.

The visibility radius for resources is 10km; anything further than that from you will not be displayed until you move closer.

There are two types of resources on the map: sources (also referred to as "stations") and one-off items.
As you may suspect, one-off items (bearing the same icon as the resources appearing in "My Lands" and "Construct) disappear as soon as they are picked up by capturing land around them.
Resource stations (Oil Rigs, Recruitment Beacons, Supply Factories) are semi-permanent sources of income and will last for 7 days from the moment of appearing on the world map, so make sure you capture one as soon as you see it! ;)
As soon as you capture a station it will award you with a small amount of its resource, but then you can collect more from "My Lands" tab by pressing "Collect Resources" every hour.

But watch out for enemies: players who manage to capture a piece of land that has a higher level than yours will take over the resource station if it falls within their land's radius. To get your station back you will need to either upgrade your land to a higher level than the opponent's or destroy the opponent's land (e.g. using an army).

Please note that players in an active alliance cannot take over each other's resource stations and the first player to capture it will keep the station for the rest of its lifetime or until the alliance is terminated (in which case see previous paragraph!).

Here's where and how to obtain each of the resources:

Appears anywhere in the world (even in water; boat owners, watch out! ;)).
Random amounts of money can also be scrapped from real-world items by scanning their barcodes.

This resource mostly appears in "wilderness", i.e. any place in the world that doesn't have a "street address": forests, lakes, deserts, mountains.
So whenever you are hiking outside of the city make sure to capture a piece of land to see if any supplies or their sources pop up nearby! Quite often you will find that the resource appears right next to you, so keep checking in even if no resources are seen currently. ;) 

Alternatively, you can scrap items for supplies or build a Refinery using Unobtainium. If you do possess a Refinery then you will always be able to collect Supplies from a base that built it without the need to go hiking.

This resource mostly appears in cities, towns and villages.
You will very rarely find personnel in the wilderness and it also cannot be obtained from item scrapping.

Can only be purchased via the App Store / Play Store, or acquired as a reward for participating in any game-related events. ;) 
Unobtainium can be exchanged for any other resource on the "Construct" tab.

If you have any additional questions about resources or their collection, please do not hesitate to ask! ;) 

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Our events are fairly random, but usually take place around public holidays (such as Christmas :)).
However, as "Domination: Earth" is global and I'm positive there's a holiday for almost every day of the year among all cultures, we stick to the biggest days only (again, Christmas :)) as otherwise we'd not have time to develop new features!

We've realised that many people missed our Halloween event this year because not everyone checks the forum or facebook news and I apologise for that; we've already built an in-game notification system, so you will see a message next time an event happens. ;)

There's no strict schedule for these events and we don't know what's going to happen in advance (we like surprises :)).
But I will be posting details about each such thing at least a couple of days before the event!

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3 hours ago, Sebas said:

Me pasa lo mismo, como capturó tierras? Como construyó Torres en diferentes lugares?

Also sent you a PM!

For the future, if any one else experiences any issues, please do not hesitate to start a new thread in the Technical Support forum or raise a question in "Player Q&A".
Please refrain from reporting issues in guides unrelated to these issues and in the news, as this makes things look messy and confusing for other readers (who expected to see something resource-related in this thread ;)).

Thank you in advance!

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1 hour ago, HedaSilvia said:

Tampoco sé cómo Capturar tierras y cómo construyó torres?


I will reply in English if that's ok, as I don't speak Spanish! :)

To capture new lands you need to physically go outside your base in real world and press the yellow "Flag" button - that will capture a small piece of land in your current position (determined by the GPS coordinates).
Check the "Earth View" tab and look for a circle around your base - its radius shows how far away from the base you need to go to capture a new land.

After you captured a new piece of land a green flag will appear in your current position on Earth View: you can tap on its icon, press the "Construct" symbol (a "hammer and wrench" icon) and from that window you can place towers in any of your captured lands.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any additional questions! ;)

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1 hour ago, Mr. D said:


¡Responderé en inglés si está bien, ya que no hablo español! :)

Para capturar nuevas tierras, debes salir físicamente de tu base en el mundo real y presionar el botón amarillo "Bandera", que capturará una pequeña porción de tierra en tu posición actual (determinada por las coordenadas GPS).
Compruebe la pestaña "Vista de la Tierra" y busque un círculo alrededor de su base: su radio muestra qué tan lejos de la base debe ir para capturar una nueva tierra.

Después de que hayas capturado un nuevo pedazo de tierra, aparecerá una bandera verde en tu posición actual en Earth View: puedes tocar su icono, presionar el símbolo "Construir" (un icono de "martillo y llave inglesa") y desde esa ventana puedes colocar torres en cualquiera de sus tierras capturadas.

Espero que eso ayude, pero por favor avíseme si tiene alguna pregunta adicional. ;)

It's ok I can speak English too. Thank you, it was very useful 

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You capture lands using the yellow flag button on the lower left of the Earth View. You can do this once every 15 minutes and it will usually claim a new piece of land for you or will upgrade an existing one.
For further explanations a look here might help.

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They will proceed to slowly decay. After the countdown is over they are gone no matter if someone captures them. But if you have unlocked the perk 'station technician' the countdown will add up up to 10 days depending on the perks level.

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