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Domination: Earth
Mr. D

Happy new year 2020 (2.0)!

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I won't be able to do anything with the size of my main land is my problem. 

Spending all my points on a little bit larger main land is awfull

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Hey, what if we got anti missile defense system? You see that car on the nuclear missile launcher?

Give the system a range and it will have a some percentage of success, can launch every 1t 2min or something. Cost money/supplies to defend because it uses a missile to take out the other missile. Missile launcher must cost money/supplies to use and can be used every 1t


Have a perk that gives a higher probability to defend the land. 10%>50%>60%>70%>80%>90% or something



At least it's an idea


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On 2.2.2020 at 11:03 AM, Grizzlyfilms said:

May we get a colour that is easier to see?

Like dark red or something

The country leaderboards


Is this some kind of day mode user joke i'm too night mode user to understand?:P



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