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Domination: Earth

Happy new year 2020 (2.0)!

Mr. D

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2020, 2.0, 2.0...

Happy new year, everyone!

As you can see, the numbers "2" and "0" literally make up the entire year, so that definitely means something... :)

We are ecstatic to announce that "Domination: Earth 2.0" has now launched and contains a long-promised visual overhaul of the app!
The new version is now available to all Android users via the Play Store and will launch on the App Store within the next few days; as always, we are ironing out some final issues with Apple, but do not anticipate the iOS release to be too far behind (I will post again in this thread once we spot the 2.0 on the App Store ;)).

As mentioned in another forum thread, this is a purely visual update and no game mechanics have changed so far; performance and loading speeds should also remain roughly the same, but this is an area I will be focusing on next.
There are also several graphical assets (mostly buildings) that remain unchanged, but we hope to address that at a separate point in the future once we find the right person for this job. :)

Since this is a huge update that affects every single screen of the game please post if you spot any anomalies or bugs and I will do my best to assist with each of them. ;)

It is also worth mentioning that I have fixed the Google & Facebook authentication buttons, as well as all push notifications, so please let me know if either of those are still causing trouble!

And of course, do not hesitate to post if you have any questions or general feedback; this update was quite an achievement for us so if you are enjoying it we will be super happy to hear all about it! ;)

- Dan

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5 hours ago, ValarMorghulis said:

Sadly I'm gonna have to be the first one to throw this one up into the air: Game doesn't work for me anymore after this update. It gets stuck on first screen with the Domination Earth logo

No problem, let's get to the bottom of this!

Can you see the spinner in the middle of the screen or it's just a static image?
If the latter, the app may be having difficulties downloading the translations...

I would indeed try to uninstall the app altogether and install it from scratch again via the Play Store to make sure there isn't any dodgy cache left of the phone!

If it still doesn't work, please PM me some details about your phone model & version of Android! ;)

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I find the game a bit lagging.

The flags takes up a lot of space.

When I used 3 super magnets the second circle didn't show up and there was a big delay after when I actually claimed the resources.

Could we also get a chart tab? So we can see how much rrs come up every month and how much we accually get from allies, how much from satellites and normal pickup

May you please make merge under lvl. 100 for free?

Have you fixed the rename bug where when you click "done" after not typing anything that you loose unobtanium whiteout changing the name. Lost some that way. Also make a one of purchase so we can organize our lands without using 1 every time

How to see leaderboards for countries?

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1 hour ago, Joris said:

I have exactly the same problem as ValarMorghulis and the one true king. After the loading screen it stays static on the screen with the logo. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy A50.

Really sorry for the delay with that, Google dropped the ball with reviewing the hotfix that I uploaded to the play store almost 2 days ago now!

Still waiting for it to be approved by these guys...

On a positive note, iOS version is now live!

If any Apple users could confirm whether everything is functional and doesn't freeze on the loading screen it would be amazing! ;)

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2 hours ago, Luna said:

It’s been working fine for me, and actually seems to be smoother than the old version. iOS here.

That's great news, thank you for sharing!

I cannot believe that we are still waiting on Google to release the latest patch; my sincere apologies to everyone who is still stuck on the loading screen... the situation with Android releases is unprecedented.

On 02/01/2020 at 9:55 PM, Grizzlyfilms said:

I find the game a bit lagging.


When I used 3 super magnets the second circle didn't show up and there was a big delay after when I actually claimed the resources.

I would like to mention that any significant "lags" / delays between attempting to capture resources and the amounts updating, as well as resource icons appearing on the map after opening the window (etc.) are actually related to our server performance, not the client-side app itself.
I am aware of the issue in certain (more popular) areas; we currently have tens of millions of resources scattered across the world and almost half a million lands (linked to an even greater number of buildings), so occasionally the server struggles to process all this data quickly.
Optimizing these algorithms is my next highest priority after making sure that everyone can actually enter the game. ;)

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12 hours ago, VasyaCool said:

For me new interface is very laggy on scrolling any lists (base list, buildings list and all that stuff). Also i can't find "Upgrade" button for buildings inside land (100+ level).

Thanks for the feedback!

Yep, the missing upgrade button will be included in one of the upcoming releases. ;)

Still waiting for Google to approve that hotfix for people stuck on the splash screen, but once that is live I'll release the version containing the upgrade button.

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12 hours ago, Grizzlyfilms said:

Could you fix the travel points? The cost is crazy and things make much less sense to do now and you get kinda locked and can't do anything, even if you traveled around the world five times+. Also many lands as you said is a bit laggy

Wait... What? No! You don't have to travel around the world even once to get a fair amount that lasts you for ages. I haven't been doing any long roadtrips ever since the travel point system update and I got more than plenty of it. I have done all the merges I can and still have several thousands of them to go.

I Grizzly understand it might be harder for a underaged person or someone without a car to just "go out and travel" but that's still the idea you know? Rather than changing the whole games aim so we can cater to an partially unintended audience we should be thinking of ways to help them play somewhat fairly without ruining the idea of the game. You could first of start thinking of ways to play the game to the max at the places you do visit often that doesn't require much, if any, travel points. Like leveling a singel land to max rather than popping down low level lands everywhere that will require a lot of travel points to merge later on. And if this is too late, maybe suggest something along the lines "Hey I planted some lands wrong, maybe a feature to destroy lands so I can start over" rather than yelling something that roughly translates to "bring couching back".

Though you are right on the fact that late game you kind of get locked out of your hometown at some point but then again I don't think the travel points are the problem but rather the "something else to do" side of the game. Theres not much more you can do late game inside your home city. But then again thats a whole other discussion about suggestions and new features which is a bottomless pit and a far reach right now as things are.

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For the most part I agree. Getting locked out of your home play area is a feature, not a bug, since it forces you to travel further if you want to keep expanding. Utility structures are a great compromise imo, since it gives you an incentive to keep claiming even past level 100, but still takes a long time to achieve much and eventually gets capped.

However, I think there is something to be said for the balance being a bit off. The tp system encourages you to place down a ton of level 1 flags everywhere, but then if you ever expand into those areas the system of adding (it might be averaging, I don’t completely remember, but the point still stands) the levels of the lands merging can rack up ridiculous costs. I get nervous claiming land anywhere that I might possibly build up one day, since I know that it’ll be a massive headache and a massive expense to merge. Level 20 merged with 1, then level 25 merged with 1, then level 28 merged with 1, then level 30 and so on can really add up even though you’re really not doing much at all. Maybe merging lands below level 100 could be free, or the ability to delete your own lands could be added so that people don’t feel so boxed in by their own development.

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The reason we have these costs is, unfortunately, to prevent "couching exploits" that forced the introduction of travel points in the first place.

Allowing to delete lands would potentially introduce more of such exploits: achieve maximum level in one spot without any travels, delete the land, start over again (what people used to do with the utility structures).
I could introduce the facility decreasing your base level when a land is deleted, but then people will start "selling" these lands to another player or their own second throwaway account (which will perform the delete and suffer the consequences).
To counterbalance that we'd need to start introducing the base level penalty when selling lands, but that discourages land trade and leads to new problems... as you can see, this has a spiral effect leading to more rules & restrictions, which ultimately make the game less enjoyable (as always, all the fun is ruined by those who can't play by the rules :)).

I will have a think about possible ways to improve the merge cost formula though. ;)

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