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Domination: Earth

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Mr. D

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I wanted to publicly apologize to @Mechanic for an incorrectly applied forum punishment; one of our community members reported a thread in Russian that contained a link to an external resource, and that report lead to the account in question being marked as a "spammer" (erasing all posted content).

But the link appeared to be a genuine resource related to "Domination: Earth": a tutorial guide for Russian speaking players.

I wanted to confirm that @Mechanic is indeed a legitimate "Domination: Earth" player and a member of our community. ;)

However, I do advise all forum members to refrain from posting external links to any documents as we get a lot of "spam traffic" on the forum and players feel safer when the guides are located directly within the created thread.

As always, please post if you have any questions!

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I 100% take the blame for this. Pulled the trigger before I looked more into it. We've been getting some spam here and there trying to get people to press links you shouldn't. I reported it before I saw his other posts in other parts of the forums (which I obviously translated as I'm a curious bugger9_9) and realized that it might have been legit. I kind of hoped that only one report wouldn't do anything or someone would do a manual review and be smarter than me :$

I'm sorry @Mechanic and welcome to the game and forums! Hit us up if you need any help writing guides or anything else :)

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