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  1. To be unpinned. Until then, heres the updated link to the official server; https://discord.gg/G4k3hW4
  2. https://discord.gg/8yK5fQ3 The new one for now
  3. I had a backup (of some kind) ready to go as this was an issue to be predicted. It got all channels, roles and more already set up at https://discord.gg/G4k3hW4 For now we will be using that one (Talked with Riylan about this) The owner of the old Domination Earth discord server quit the game several months ago. He said he'd leave it up running though. I'm guessing he didn't want it hanging around anymore. Sadly he did not give any of us any warning. We apologise for the hassle right now.
  4. Yes, seems like it's fixed now. Thank you!
  5. Having some connection and gps problems. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Credit where it's due; That was Grizzly. He made posters with information on the game and his own QR code on it. If I remember it right he put them up here and there but mainly in his schools noticeboards. 👍
  7. Question; How will it share between 5 people? 5 personnel gets captured and everyone gets 1 personnel each (+perks)?
  8. Filedump from our roadtrip a couple weeks back. Locations are all around Finland and Norway
  9. Eh... Seems like this ones a user error. Apparently my new name to be was too long. Tried now changing to different names and any shorter version actually worked. I guess theres no "Name too long" error to be shown. Sorry for the false report and thank you! // ValarMorghulis
  10. Just letting you know that I've tried for several days straight to change my ingame name and land name without success. This was also confirmed to be broken by another player so not just me. // ValarMorghulis
  11. No. Just... no... I suggest being quick with an update to the AI or people will start quitting
  12. Native Finnish speaker and fluent in Swedish here and happy to help out! 🖐 I have setup a new channel (and role) on discord for those chosen as this was already requested.
  13. What I think he meant is for new players to basically have a shield preventing anyone to attack for X amount of time. The idea is that once a new player joins from my city I am strong enough to prevent him from expanding anywhere since I will constantly attack him. So a shield would be nice for new players starting so they can grow for an X amount of time so they could atleast have a chance to retaliate.
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