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Found 16 results

  1. Part. 1 Nice to see allys Indept territorry Trading Techtree Willages witch gives personell or mabye willages gives population and you need another building like academy to get personell (makes trading more likely) Planes Tanks Transport truck Bombers, guns, food, artillery, special operations you get the point unions or defensive pact and make the game better at diplomatic stuff Rewardsystem like in battle cats Fix the facrory/source of money (they despawned a week after i caputured them) Indept attack Something to help the beginners in the game Millitary base Claim that kinda claim (Can be Seen as stripes) like territorry (mabye to show that you DON'T want people to take it) you DON'T get much from doing IT "plz dont make IT like a cirkle but more like an country" and how U caputure IT Can you decide "mark A place and send your army or something" Have your army in different gruops
  2. I'll write few smaller 2.0 issues in a single post, and then write about larger issues in separate post. bug: The Capture icon lost the background progress bar. Small font and low contrast added, it's very hard now to check remaining time, especially when on the move. bug: Binocs icon for regional stats is missing (does not appear on the map). bug: The new squarish font does incomplete unicode support. Certain polish diacritics are not supported (ł,ą,ę), which is weird, since I see others supported. bug: The resource icons disappear for a while, whenever one jumps into Earth View back from any tab. bug: The trade resource selector: once the value has been edited manually, pressing + and - buttons tends to concatenate "1" and "-1" strings to the end existing values instead of changing the value suggestion: The dark notice popup appears over the GPS button. Would work better if centered, so that it doesn't cover the icons on neither side. suggestion: Resource icons should link to resource purchase screens! (finding the UBT purchase screen is still hard!) suggestion: The TP resource icon is misleading, looks more like a land/land lv measure. This one needs something dedicated. suggestion: The bottom main UI buttons: once the capture button was moved to the bottom right corner, its really hard to hit with thumb when holding phone in a single hand, also, the spread variant looks worse than the previous one; I'd suggest to revert to the previous alignment (left-aligned) suggestion: The bottom main UI buttons: I liked circles more, but... if you use hex to make the design more interesting, perhaps try to use the fact, that these are hexagons, and try to align icons like the honeycomb? (screen) Update 2020-01-02 20:06 bug: the "rename" button is missing both from lands and from bases bug: the trackbar for attack wave begins ~20% filled bug: the attackers/defenders number is aligned left, should be centered Update 2020-01-02 20:24 bug: in the Perk tab, the popup box describing each perk is missing bottom border Update 2020-01-02 21:00 bug: the action buttons on the main screen have labels that are not localized suggestion: the font used for some elements has a very special rendering of lowercase letter k (looks like an R with a vertical line protruding upward), which makes it much less readable; if possible, I'd recommend a font with a less decoratve / more standarized rendering Update 2020-01-04 06:05 bug: the value pickers (trade, build army) ignore the input, ie.: open "build army", type any value, press "build", only one soldier will be built; open trade dialog, type any amount of resources and trade, button-set values will hold, manually typed values will zero. Update 2020-01-06 21:17 bug: while the building Upgrade button has been moved to the Construct screen and appears alternately with the Build button, this doesn't work correctly with lv100+ lands: the button always shows Build for making new instances of the building, but if a building already exists, there is no place for button to upgrade it; noticed by @Luna and [USSR] MaX Update 2020-01-07 22:41 bug: base points are not being added after the capture, or the My Lands screen is not properly updated, base points and base levels do not grow upon captures I will post new bugs in this main post.
  3. As long as I remember, timers in DE had various gitches that made them: lagging behind the actual time, like showing the building still being built despite already being built; skipping from time to time, as if the lagging timer got updated I assume this glitch must be there due to some weird mechanics used to count the time, but... well... Couldn't you just store somewhere the target time for each counter, so that whenever the screen is updated, it shows the diff between current date and end date? Wouldn't such approach fix the problem? Or is the issue completely different?
  4. Here's what happened: Had an lv13 base in Vienna. Moved it to China during a train stop on some station I was padding by. Rebuilt the base in Vienna using remote capture. Grown it a bit with few merges to lv4. Old flag within this base got attacked. UI shown 1300 soldiers defending the flag. Vienna base shown no trace of being attacked. Found the Chinese base (former Vienna base) defends the flag in Vienna.
  5. I've attacked FoT while traveling. A little bit later captured a new lands and FoT attacked this land. All under a single base of mine, but likely, two separate bases of mine. Thus, single base was presented as both attacking and defending. The issue is, defending base displayed no defending troops. And once I have withdrawn the attack, defending base started showing defending troops correctly. This could be understandable if it were a rule, but I had my previous experiences as attacker against human players, when I did attack single base territories with two of my bases, and always the defending army fought against both my armies, only diminishing twice as fast as usual. Something's funny here.
  6. No idea how, no idea why. Just noticed this. Restarted the client and checked again. No contact with Sympatyk, so I don't really know what he did or how shall I respond
  7. Imagine a scenario: land A is of higher level than land B; lands A and B are within merge range; player clicks capture (flag button) on land A or within it's radius. What happens in game in such situation: land A merges with land B without warning; a capture charge is lot (timer resets); the +1 lv from capture does not apply, the result is land A having lv of (A+B) while should be (A+B+1). Suggested solution: upon capture on land that would result in merge, display standard merge confirmation dialog to avoid unnecessary/unwanted merges; do not reset the capture timer regardless of the outcome of the above action, ie. player should still have an option to perform a valid capture, as merge action is free/not timed. (in analogy to other "cancelled capture" actions, eg. when there is a larger land in proximity that prohibits land expansion)
  8. Some time ago in 2018 I noticed a bug on the IOS operative system that when u click the menu then you can't click the menu again to go back to map, but you need to click "my lands" or something like that. I've seen this on many devices. I also noticed that on Android when you click the menu that the page goes over the map, but on IOS that the view goes to the left as if the menu always was there. You know what I mean? @Mr D
  9. Well, AI took my land away against all odds. This is what took place: 1. I've attacked a land of Valandil, won the combat and took it over. 2. Shortly after combat, AI attacked me over the same land, clearly without much chance: (I was relating that to discord as a funny case of FoT supporting Valandil, hence the screen was taken, I did not yet know what will happen next) 3. Then amazingly, I get this: And the land is gone: I assume that somehow the game likely counted in Valandil's army as defending forces, instead of mine. Especially when you take a look at the bottom of first screen, where the 0 defenders is visible against 375 on the main display. @Mr. D Is it traceable in your logs?
  10. I noticed that with the expansion of the earth, I expand not the one in the zone I'm in, but the ground is a ghost, while it pumped it up to 32 levels. If I'm not mistaken about the earth, a ghost with such a name existed in my place, but then, when I reached level 100, I joined the other and disappeared, and now I pump it in the other world.
  11. I've set volume of sounds in settigns to zero but when I capture the land or send troops I still here sounds even when I mute phone. Please fix it as sometimes I play from office and don't wont to attract anybody's attention. It is ok to use vibro with separate checkbox in settings.
  12. When i turn my phone sideways and then back, sometimes the bottom part get white
  13. Recently i got attacked, so i got the massage that informs me about that, but when i try to open it, it does not respond. What should i do?
  14. As far as I know I have not changed any of my settings and have tried many ways to fix it but to no prevail.
  15. Issue Description When I'm between to 2 lands and tap "capture land" it does not correctly choose the nearest land as seen in the screenshots. In the attached screenshots the flag at the top is the shown level 9 flag while the nearer land is only level 1. Device OnePlus 5 OS Android 7.1.1, OxygenOS 4.5.14
  16. Issue Description The map shows a sandbag wall at my base but I haven't constructed one. Device OnePlus 5 OS Android 7.1.1, OxygenOS 4.5.14
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