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There are several Android applications that are able to prevent the screen shutdown and lockdown. Thus, I understand, there must be an API that allows application to temporarily suspend this.

Would it be possible to implement such feature (even if opt-in) to prevent phones going dark after few seconds of inactivity?

I understand that there are several workarounds. I personally use the "don't lock while on external power" developer option. But if a simple and native option exists, it'd still be easier and also more available to less-proficient Android users.

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It does exist indeed, but we have been penalized by the Play Store for using it in the past; the game consumed too much power and it was considered "bad behaviour". :)

I'll have a think about making this a configurable thing though! ;)

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14 hours ago, Олег Поленин said:

.. and are, well, enormous juice suckers :D

😆 this!

I went to last two anomalies and you could pick out Exactly who was playing the game in a city of tens of thousands of ppl because they were tethered to external battery packs in their pockets or backpacks 🔋

What exactly does reprimanded mean btw?!

Every time I go to the playstore they're trying to push some horrible filthy soul sucking cash grab at me and they came down on you for battery usage?!

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On 07/09/2018 at 8:18 AM, Олег Поленин said:

Yeah, and we have once found a popular game, some clicker, actually digging ETH on the player's phone. And the game did it, like, for months :)

Wow... :D

Anyway, yeah, we got a message saying that our app is following "bad practices" (or something along those lines) and that it will not appear on the store as frequently unless we fix it (I'm guessing in these cases it's only possible to find the game by searching for its name directly, but it won't pop up in any suggestions and "games you may like" kind of sections, plus it will appear lower down the list for partially relevant searches).

It's probably not a big deal for bigger titles that spend $$$ on advertising, but for us organic traffic is quite important. :)

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