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  1. Mr. D

    fot inactivity

    As mentioned in the original thread a while back: All AI behaviour is completely randomized every 24 hours, which means that some days they may be hyperactive, on other days - not do anything at all. This isn't controlled or influenced by me in any way, so I cannot comment on when they're going to do what!
  2. Can you please try switching the following profile setting off ("Cache land data on device") and tell me if the problem persists? In any case, I apologize for the inconvenience, investigation into this matter will continue!
  3. Hmm, does this happen on all of your lands or just a specific one? Can I also ask what Android OS version you're using (or a device model)?
  4. Hi all, Version 2.7.7 should get deployed via the in-app updater to all devices and will appear on the Play Store & App Store in the near future. Featuring: Facility to sort inventory, warehouse and character items by level and rarity, with the ability to switch primary & secondary sort keys. Items of equal level and rarity will be automatically sorted by their equipment slot. Character skill progress bars now show two separate values: current skill level and modifier total (incl. attribute and item bonuses). Issue causing the duplicate characters and ite
  5. Mr. D

    troops lost

    I released a fix today to a partially-related problem and I cannot reproduce the loss of troops anymore. Could you please confirm if it's still happening, @kank? If yes, does it happen every time you mobilize soldiers or sometimes it does work correctly? Finally, just to avoid misunderstandings: after mobilizing X soldiers, does this number not appear in the list of defenders ("Защитники" - "Солдат"), or it does appear straight away, but gets reset upon the round's end?
  6. Mr. D

    in battle...

    Yep, looks like Marie secretly works for the enemy. 😅 I'll launch an internal investigation into her career history and allegiances. On a serious note though, I believe that text needs adjusting; when the defending character uses their sabotage skill it simply disables all defences of the attacking army (e.g. the FoT's perk bonuses). But it shouldn't affect your defensive structures, such as walls. I'll include a fix in the next release.
  7. Mr. D

    max army

    I am assuming we're talking about the total army leaderboard? It shows the highest number of soldiers that existed across all of player's bases at any point in time. E.g. if someone builds 500,000 troops on base 1 and 500,000 troops on base 2, their leaderboard will show the value of 1,000,000. After the player loses them all the leaderboard is still going to show 1,000,000 and to beat that highscore they'd need to build at least 1,000,001 more soldiers. I hope that helps!
  8. Mr. D


    All good, thank you for keeping me updated about what's going on!
  9. Ah, that doesn't look right! Thanks for the report, will look into it!
  10. This feature hasn't just been considered, it is sitting comfortably in my task list. Unfortunately, time available for development is non-linear for me and I'm experiencing a severe shortage at the moment, so I cannot comment on the exact delivery dates of this feature. But it is definitely planned.
  11. Mr. D


    Just to confirm, are you running the latest version of the game? Are there any updates available on the Play Store? Does reinstalling it change anything or the flags always appear like that even after a reinstall?
  12. Mr. D

    hidden terrorists))

    Filters are the best option, but you can also try tapping on the building a few times, as it sends it backwards allowing to shuffle any intersecting icons.
  13. Mr. D

    troops lost

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this! Just in case, I didn't forget about this, but the issue is tricky to reproduce for me, so the fix is taking a little longer than anticipated. I will post in this thread as soon as it is resolved, but until then please be careful with buying more troops while in combat.
  14. Mr. D

    upgrade during battle

    No worries! This shouldn't be an issue anymore as from version 2.7.6 character levels can be advanced from both windows (Characters and Command Centre).
  15. Indeed, the follow switches off when the game highlights any spot on the map (e.g. after tapping a message, viewing a base, generating a resource etc.). I will need to add an exception for "Pick Up" though, thanks for reporting this to me!
  16. Hi all, Version 2.7.6 is now available on the Play Store and has been deployed via the in-app updater to iOS devices, featuring a number of fixes and enhancements: It is now possible to advance character level ("Level up") from the Command Centre building. Earth View camera now automatically follows your position, unless moved manually. After recentering your position the automatic following resumes. Fixed an issue causing an infinite loading of Earth View after switching the Map Style. Fixed an incorrect icon for Epic characters on the map. Character
  17. Mr. D

    upgrade during battle

    Are you viewing the character list via "Menu" -> "Characters"? The level up button does not appear when characters are viewed via the Command Centre ("Manage"), as its purpose is only to assign and unassign characters.
  18. Mr. D

    troops lost

    Argh! 😬 I'm very sorry for that, will launch a thorough investigation of what's going on with those missing troops first thing in the morning!
  19. Mr. D

    battle fot

    When no army is present to defend your structures, FoT can deal between 1-3 points of structural damage (depending on their army size), which is what consumes the "heart" attribute (structural health). "Shields" do not matter in that calculation as they represent protection provided by this structure to your army (i.e. how much damage from FoT army reaches your army). However, it is entirely possible that FoT used an attack structure (e.g. a Missile Launcher) to damage your wall. Guard Towers, Missile Launchers and Nuclear Silos deal damage to the defensive structures directly, ignorin
  20. Mr. D

    terrible mistake

    No problem, I suspected that this will happen one day, so nothing's lost forever. 😅 Check your character list, the level 6 general should now be back. 😉
  21. Mr. D

    base defence

    Not exactly; these points are part of the damage reduction formula (% by which any incoming damage against your army is reduced). You can see the current damage reduction value in combat if you expand the army details window:
  22. Mr. D

    troops lost

    Thanks! I've refunded you the cost of the lost troops, please let me know if they disappear again. 😉
  23. Sorting and filtering are fair request! Adding that to my list. Facility to equip items from the storage could be a bit trickier though... cannot promise anything yet, but I'll look into this possibility.
  24. These things do get snatched occasionally by peoples' tracking satellites (they collect a random resource anywhere on the planet). Resources that spawned (relatively) recently have a higher chance to be picked up by a satellite, and some players really have quite a lot of those, so satellites are the culprit.
  25. Mr. D

    troops lost

    That is weird indeed. Can you share your in-game display name, please? I'll do my best to restore the lost troops.
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