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Domination: Earth

1.15 Magnet Merge & Capture Changes

Mr. D

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8 hours ago, Z3nd said:

Thanks.  That would help.

Just wanted to mention: the next version will include a new profile setting named "Upgrade lands within 50m instead of capturing new", but please note that it will target any land within the 50m radius (which you'll hopefully have just one :)), not the "closest one within 500m", as it used to work before.

The reason behind this is that for 1.15 I've rebuilt our "land search engine" to be based on land borders, instead of their centers (that allows to perform very accurate merges & collision detection) and it's very easy for the game to say if you're standing within or next to any land.
However, performing searches in a 500m radius and choosing the nearest land is an extremely heavy operation in this new system, which is why for the new profile setting the radius got reduced to 50m and the matching lands are no longer sorted by distance (as otherwise it would slow the game down for everyone or require more powerful hardware that I just don't have yet :)).

I hope that's ok, but please remember that even if you don't switch this setting on and keep pressing the big "Flag" button (creating new land every time) you are still going to end up with a single land eventually: there's a limited amount of flags that can be placed within a certain radius and after that limit is reached your clustered lands will inevitably start merging. :)

Please let me know if that doesn't make sense or if you have any questions!

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17 minutes ago, Ruvox said:

Would be nice to know this exact radius and the amount :D

You should be able to see it. :)

As soon as land borders touch they merge, so if you are suffering from a "jumpy gps" like Z3nd there is a limited amount of jumps you will get before the lands start merging. I don't know this number, I'm just explaining the general principle: you can't create 1000 flags within 5 meters. :)

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1 minute ago, Grizzlyfilms said:

The update made me use the app less when i'm inside my borders. I think that is a problem. There sould be something i can do when i'm inside the borders.

See my posts above about the new construction system. ;)

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Just now, Ruvox said:

Ah Ok, I missunderstood that and thought about an ingame rule don't allowing me to plant more than 100 lands within a 1 km radius for example :P

Nope. :)

I'm doing my best to move everything in the game towards the "what you see is what you get" principle. :)

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1 minute ago, Ruvox said:

Is it possible that the new merge system does not trigger the leaderboard for some reason ?
I just noticed that my base is since the new system grown to level 28 via some big remote merges but the leaderboard still state it would be level 26. 

Hmm... I'll investigate!

Let's keep all future issues within the Technical Support forum though, as we're slowly starting to drift off-topic. :)

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