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Mr. D

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Hey all,

As some of you know, "Domination: Earth" supports translations of all in-game texts into any number of languages (your current language is defined by your phone's language setting).

However, as our team is fairly small and it's just me doing all translations currently we can't really expand in that area:
we are aware that we have many players who speak German, Spanish and French, but as much as we'd love to translate the game into those languages, we have no one who speaks those fluently (my knowledge of German is somewhat intermediate, while my Spanish and French are, well, basic at best :)).

So I thought "Perhaps we should go open-source with our translations?" and give our community a way to join in. :)

We would really appreciate any help with any language (not just the three I mentioned) and you'd be able to contribute in any amount that you have time for (even if you translate 1 phrase only - that still helps!).

The languages would exist as an open sheet that is possible to edit by anyone, so obviously some moderation would be required.
Accordingly, I am looking to create a forum-based group of "Localization Managers" who would have access to this sheet and the ability to review each other's changes.

If you like this idea and would like to volunteer to help translate the game into your language - please post! ;)

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17 minutes ago, maximus43 said:

if need. I can a Russian....

Unfortunately, we already have a Russian version of the game (as that is the only other language I speak fluently :)), but any help is welcome in terms of spotting typos and stuff! ;)

13 minutes ago, Ruvox said:

Me and @SebRut are native German speakers and would like to help you out with that ;)

That is awesome, thank you! :)

I will start setting everything up and will create a new forum for the Localisation Managers group shortly...

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Excellent, welcome on board, guys! :)
@ValarMorghulis and @(Che)Juanchon added to the group! Please check the new forum section that should have appeared now. ;)

Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to upload all our translation texts yet (got dragged away by other unforeseen work and circumstances, sorry!), but it will be done either later today or by the end of tomorrow!

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10 minutes ago, marcofi said:

I can help with Italian. 

I know that (unfortunately) many Italian people can't properly understand English, and they won't play if the game does not support Italian language.

That's great, welcome to the group! :) 
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Look for the "Game Localisation" forum that should have appeared for you now. ;)

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On 05/01/2018 at 10:38 PM, Joris said:

I'd love to help with Dutch. I don't know if the one true king already helps.

No problem, I'm sure there's always something to translate in our long list! :)

I've added you to the group; look out for the "Game Localisation" forum! ;)

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1 hour ago, Ewpiwel said:

I can help for French. I'm french ;)

if i can help.

Definitely, French version of Domination: Earth would be simply amazing, thank you! :)

I've added you to the group; you should now see the "Game Localisation" forum section. ;)

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